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November 10th-12th, 2017 - The Annual International Hapkido Summit and SinMoo Family Gathering with Founder "DoJuNim" Ji, Han Jae

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We welcome you to the most important Federation for the development of Hapkido under its founder, DoJuNim (honorable founder) Ji, Han Jae.

DoJuNim Ji, Han Jae created Hapkido (the way of harmonizing energy), in the early 50's, as evidenced and confirmed by the South Korean government's listing of DoJuNim as the founder of Hapkido. DoJuNim was also the bodyguard to South Korea's President Park Chung Hee for 18 years.


Bruce Lee considered DoJuNim to have been the best fighter and marital artist in the world, and featured him in his movie "Game of Death". DoJuNim was also featured in another movie focusing on Hapkido, "Lady Kung Fu {Hapkido}" (the English name of the movie is misleading — as the Chinese characters for the movie name is clearly Hapkido).

In 1983 in Seoul, South Korea, DoJuNim founded the "World Sin Moo Hapkido Federation", as a uniting body to bring all Hapkido practitioners together under one organization.

"Sin" means "higher mind/spirit" and "Moo" translates as "Martial Art". Combining these words with Hapkido we have "The way of using martial arts to harmonize the mind and body to reach a higher more enlightened state of existence".

Sin-Moo Hapkido is a vast and intellectual martial art. It takes years of practice, dedication, and patience to learn. The beauty is in the journey, and the self-discovery that comes along the way.

Through Sin-Moo Hapkido practice, and that of similar and related styles, human potential is yet to be realized. Passed from teacher to student, and with this cycle repeating, mankind can look forward to the advances that lie ahead.


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